Production line of a facing
construction system

Production capacity: 15 million bricks per year
  • The machine of polishing and calibration

  • Equipment for monolithic filling of foam concrete

  • General view of the line with one press

  • The machine hyper pressed hollow bricks

  • Associated equipment

  • High speed mixer

    By using Smart-Brick, the Builder
    will get the following benefits

    Reduced cost of additional insulation and finishing of exterior walls of the building and some interior walls using light density foam
    Reduced cost of using masonry mortars and plaster mortars, and reduced expenses for services of qualified bricklayers and plasterers since they are not required in the Smart-Brick system
    Reduced cost of energy savings of multi-storey complex facilities in their subsequent operation
    Easy solution of complex architectural tasks using foam of different density, concrete, vertical and horizontal reinforcement
    Interesting design solutions due to different wall thickness, brick shape (traditional or 3D), polished or mat surface, and a wide range of brick colors
    Exceptional modern appearance of the premises, where all communications are mounted inside walls
    High sound insulation through the use of foam concrete inside the cavities of the Smart-Brick system
    Health and comfort inside premises built using environmentally friendly natural materials
    High-quality interior finishing, since the wall surface structure ensures good adhesion to concrete and plaster. All Smart-Brick bricks have the same dimensions
    Excellent appearance of the building, since the Smart-Brick surface is similar to natural marble by its physical properties
    Possibility of lasting use in humid areas due to low water absorption of the Smart-Brick brick surface
    • Products «Smart Brick»

    • Products «Smart Brick»

    • Products «Smart Brick»

    • Implemented project

    • Implemented project

    • Implemented project

    Products and the implemented projects

    A variety of color scale of products and simplicity of construction will allow to implement any design projects with use of Smart Brick technology


    Design of objects and consulting services on Smart Brick
    • Consulting services

      About Us

      Smart-Brick LLC is a modern company offering builders the advantages of innovative construction technologies: hyper pressed hollow bricks filled with a monolithic foam concrete

      The main element of the Smart-Brick system is a hollow brick of exclusive configuration with finished facing surface. Smart-Brick combines all advantages of a permanent form technologies in monolithic construction, classic masonry and all positive properties of foam concrete.


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